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Important Limitations

All gemstones are accepted by the Gemmological Institute of Colombo (Pvt) Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “GIC”) at the request of the client subject to verification of variety, genuineness, and other qualities solely for the purpose testing and submitting a Gemstone Report or Certificate of Gem Identification without undertaking any liability of whatsoever. GIC’s findings will include physical/optical data and revelations upon testing; including the nature of the stone, authenticity, treatments and other alterations made, if any. Furthermore, all gemstones accepted by GIC will solely be at the risk of the client over theft, loss, damage and losses due to acts of God (except for acts of fraud, willful misconduct or gross negligence by the employees of GIC). In an event of loss, the value of loss as determined by GIC in accordance with expert opinion by their qualified Gemmologists will be final for all purposes.

GIC will not undertake responsibility for any colour, clarity or other alterations occur to gem materials during the examination process, including removal of adhesive material and fissure filling in the gem material.

GIC will release the gemstones only after submission of the original copy of this agreement and making the payment agreed upon by the client. GIC will re-issue a Report/Certificate on a request by the client within a period of one year from issuance of the original Report/Certificate. GIC will exercise a lien over items not paid for (Report/Certificate, testing fees) or not collected within a period of 90 days and hold no responsibility of such items thereafter. GIC reserves the right to refuse the issuance of a Report/Certificate at any time.

GIC, its employees and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense resulting from any error or omission in the Report/Certificate or from the issuance of or use of this Report/Certificate even if the loss, damage or expenses is caused by or resulted due to negligence or other fault (except for acts of fraud, willful misconduct or gross negligence) of GIC or any of its employees or agents. In any event GIC, its employees and agents shall not be liable for special or consequential damages resulting from any error or omission in this Report/Certificate. The Report/Certificate is solely issued for the personal use of the client on his request. GIC, its employees or agents shall not be responsible for any consequential losses that the client or any third party may suffer by using this Report/Certificate or its contents.

The Report/Certificate issued by GIC is not a guarantee, valuation or appraisal and GIC has made no representation or warranty regarding the Report/Certificate and the article/s described herein.

All intellectual property rights belonging to GIC, more particularly the contents of this Report/Certificate, the name, trademarks, service marks and logos of GIC shall not be used in whole or in part by the client or a third party for any purpose whatsoever including for purposes of advertising, publicity or promotion and this report many not be referred to as a guarantee, valuation or an appraisal.

All data, including but not limited to gemmological, photographic, optical, spectrographic, geological, or chemical data and test results, gathered and produced for the services performed by GIC, including during the analysis of any gemstone, is the sole and exclusive property of GIC. The client acknowledges and agrees that GIC, its affiliates, its subsidiaries or any member of its group companies may use the data for any purpose, including scientific research, product development and publication by GIC. Upon client’s request, GIC may reference client’s ownership of such a Gemstone.