• Certification Verification GIC,Sri Lanka


Certificate Verification

To authenticate your GIC report online, please type in the report number, the date as well as the weight of the analyzed gemstone. Please refer to the printed version of your Gemological Report to access these specifications.

  • Verify Your Report

    • Step 1

      Please enter your RVN no, which is on the top right corner of the certificate.

      Certificate Verification - Step 1
    • Step 2

      Please choose the date from the calendar and you can find the date from the top left corner of your certificate.

    • Step 3

      Please click on "Check Validity" button

  • Certificate Verification Form

    Enter the RVN number exactly the same way as shown in the original certificate. Please don't use any spaces in between. 

    Available only for the certificates done after 01st January 2015